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🤖 Algomo builds Autonomous agents for customer service - LLMs chained together to complete any customer service task without explicit instructions on how to do this

💸 We have raised over $2.7M dollars in equity free grants, and want to double the current team of 8

🌎 Market is huge, and expanding

🤩 We’re revenue generating and have a list of exciting projects/challenges we’re currently working on

🏆Join us if you enjoy a good challenge, and care about both impact and equity!


Large Language Models like ChatGPT have showcased exceptional capabilities in natural language conversations, leading to a revolution in customer service automation. Unlike rigid, complex traditional NLP chatbots, a simple wrapper application around the ChatGPT API can significantly outperform them. Consequently, the market has now flooded with ‘Custom ChatGPTs’ solutions offered by a wide range of solutions, from solopreneurs to large, experienced companies in conversational AI.

At Algomo, we believe that the potential extends even further. We see language models as the foundational 'intelligence' driving autonomous AI agents in customer service.

Autonomous AI agents?

Standard conversational language models work by taking text input and producing text output. You ask a question, and the language model responds with ‘static’ information from a knowledge base. You can think of them as a ‘conversational search engine for FAQs’

LLM-based agents, however, are a step ahead. They not only take text as input but can also interact with 'modules' such as memory, call other specialized LLMs, utilize functions (tools & APIs), and even integrate human judgement. Essentially, they can strategize and execute solutions to any presented problem.

Application in Customer Service

Autonomous AI agents can literally redefine the interaction landscape between businesses and their customers. For instance, an agent can integrate into a company's CRM system, using its memory module to recall past interactions and personalize responses. It can employ specialized LLMs to handle technical queries or access APIs for real-time order tracking, or product information, ensuring customers receive accurate and timely information. Even more impressively, these agents can autonomously escalate complex issues or ask feedback from human agents, combining AI efficiency with human empathy.

The market is HUGE…

In 2023, the market for Autonomous AI was valued at approximately USD 4.8 billion. Projections for future market growth vary, with estimates ranging from USD 28.5 billion by 2028 to USD 64.69 billion by 2030, showcasing a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 36.5% to 45%.[1],[2],[3],[4],[5]

..and we’re VERY fortunate to have received substantial grant funding ($2.7M) whilst keeping all the equity This means that we are self-sufficient for at least 18 months and with 2x the current teams size to prove our worth, WITHOUT the need to raise any external money (which we’ll do!)

More importantly, there’s enough equity to make everyone’s time really worthwhile (more on that later)

We've already built a lot, but we still have got TONS to build. And that's where you come in...

If you join us, you’ll be one of the first team members and have a massive influence on what we build and how we build it. You’ll also be an owner, both in terms of company equity and ownership of a large problem space.



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